5 Things To Know About Tooth Contouring

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The shape and size of your teeth may not be uniform or proportional, which can make you reluctant to smile. However, there is a procedure called enameloplasty or tooth contouring (or tooth reshaping)
that can help. It is designed to fix minor imperfections and misshapen teeth. At Celebrity Dental in Franklin Square, NY, Dr. Steven Novick specializes in advanced cosmetic dental procedures that can help you achieve a beautiful smile, such as teeth contouring. Contact the office at (516) 481-1446 to set up an appointment.


What does the procedure entail and how can it help? Here are 5 things to know about tooth contouring.

1. How Tooth Contouring Works

During tooth contouring, the dentist will use drills and lasers to remove some of your enamel until your teeth are the desired size, shape and length. After the contouring is complete, your teeth will be polished for a natural-looking shine.

2. Benefits of Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is a less invasive cosmetic dental procedure that still produces “beautiful” results. It is also one of the fastest ways to reshape your teeth.

The benefits of tooth contouring include:

  • Only requires one appointment
  • Your teeth can be reshaped in an hour or less
  • There are no nerves in the enamel so you should not experience any pain
  • It is permanent and you should not need any other procedures

3. Ways Tooth Contouring Can Help

Tooth contouring is only designed to fix minor cosmetic issues with your teeth, including slightly misshapen or overly long teeth. Your enamel is only 2.28mm thick and some needs to be left in order to ensure your teeth remain healthy and stable for a long time, and to protect your overall dental health.

Tooth contouring is good for addressing:

  • Minor chips along the edge of the teeth
  • Minor crowding or positioning problems

4. Keeping Healthy Teeth After Contouring

The main concern with tooth recontouring is that it will leave your teeth slightly thinner, which can make you more sensitive to hot and cold sensations. You also need to protect your teeth against abrasive substances and remember to brush gently so you don’t damage the remaining enamel.

Tips for keeping healthy teeth after contouring:

  • Avoid sugar-filled drinks or foods.
  • Consider adding extra calcium to your diet or take a supplement. (Consult your doctor first, of course!)
  • Brush your teeth gently.
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste. (Ask your dentist for a recommendation.)
  • Avoid grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene and get regular dental checkups.

5. Who is a Good Candidate for Tooth Contouring?

First, your teeth must be healthy overall. Your enamel needs to be thick enough to remain strong even after some of it is removed. If your teeth are too thin, the procedure could get too close to the interior pulp and the nerves, causing permanent damage. Plus, if you already have sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures, contouring could make the problem worse.

If you have more serious issues such as cracked, damaged, decayed, discolored or misaligned teeth, you may need more comprehensive cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign®, veneers, dental bonding or teeth whitening.

Let Celebrity Dental Give You a Perfect Smile

If you want to correct minor imperfections with tooth contouring, Dr. Steven Novick and Celebrity Dental in Franklin Square, NYcan help you obtain a smile that will make you shine. Contact us today or call (516) 481-1446 to schedule an appointment.


02:36 18 Dec 17
Dr Novick and the Celebrity Dental Team Is Awesome! Hands down the best dentist our family has ever gone to! His staff is awesome and there is never a wait when you visit! Dr Novick is also awesome with my 2 kids (7 and 12) and even got them to brush twice a day! Over 10 years strong and my teeth have never been better! - Thanks Guys!!!
renee Nero
renee Nero
01:50 18 Jan 18
I always hated going to the dentist and would skip years at a time but once I started going to Dr Novick that hatred faded off. It may sound corny but Dr Novick gave me my smile. I trust his opinion and take his advice on what he recommendeds for my oral health. His staff is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.
Lenore Weingarten
Lenore Weingarten
00:06 01 Feb 18
The staff in this office is AMAZING. Dr. Novick is a fantastic dentist. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs a dentist.
Sheryl Kushnick-Carr
Sheryl Kushnick-Carr
02:51 10 Feb 18
Dr. Novick and his Staff are fantastic!! I've been going there for over 12 years, and now bring my elderly parents to Celebrity Dental as well. Dr. Novick is beyond gentle, explains everything, doesn't double book.... Can't recommend them enough!!!
03:46 23 Dec 17
Dr. Novick goes the extra mile to ensure I have the best possible outcome. Because of this my teeth are in great shape. His hygienist who did my teeth cleaning has the same great attitude.
Nicole Rosenberg
Nicole Rosenberg
16:49 22 Sep 18
Nice and clean environment. Dr. Novick is very knowledgeable and kind, as well as the rest of the staff. Dr. Novick explains what is going on and actually discusses with the patient what is the best plan of action. A patient-centered practice. Would recommend to others.
Marsha Holland
Marsha Holland
18:19 09 Oct 18
I wish I could give more than 5 stars, Dr. Novick and his staff are phenomenal, I never ever met such a beautifully trained inviting and warm staff, let's start with Danielle, she is the patient coordinator, I had spoken to this angel over the phone before my appointment, she relaxed me with her very kind soft spoken words, she is exceptional in her work, Diana, this is who I saw upon my arrival, she is the office manager, another soft spoken beautiful angel, just like Danielle, she made me feel so welcome, she is like an old friend, whom I had not seen in a long while,( I was that comfortable) Laura and Rafaela, are more beautiful souls, they are the dental assistants, they are very kind and considerate, they also made me feel like a family member, Pam the dental hygienist , explained everything I need to know to continue on a path to healthy teeth and gums, she explained this in such a way that I was overwhelmed by her level of care and consideration for my OVERALL HEALTH, not to mention she cleaned my teeth so effortless, It felt good and looked even better, Dr. Novick is the absolute best Dentist I ever been to in my life, he's like the icing on the cake, he was thorough, pleasant, and extremely knowledgeable, this man knows his craft, he is also quite handsome, another perk, this experience with him and his staff was so beautiful, I am thanking GOD for this pleasure of finding such a treasure they are all deserving of more than a million stars. Thank You Marsha Holland
Jennifer Stillman
Jennifer Stillman
18:30 03 Nov 18
I've never had such a pleasant experience at the dentist as I did at Dr. Novick's office!!! The staff is very friendly and made me feel at ease!!! I had 2 teeth pulled and was not in any pain after. Dr. Novick explained everything he was doing and made sure I was as comfortable as possible!!! By far the best!!!! I will recommend Celebrity Dental to all my family and friends!!!!
Shalom Lamm
Shalom Lamm
20:23 26 Feb 19
Super-friendly staff, and never a wait of more than just a few minutes. The office has real patient-centered feel from Dr. Novick himself to every person with whom you come into contact.
Paul Lizio
Paul Lizio
15:57 03 Apr 19
I have been going to Dr. Novick for over 15 years and i have never had a bad experience. He never over books patients so there is never a wait when I go. He has a friendly staff and is very knowledgeable in his practice. My teeth and gums have improved tremendously since I have been going there. Thanks, Doc!
Gregory Robinson
Gregory Robinson
22:15 10 Jun 19
Been coming here a really long time. I don't even live local anymore and travel from CT because Dr. Novick has really taken care of my mouth over the years. He always takes the time to explain everything and even follows up personally after any procedure to make sure your doing ok. Always a great experience, and you can tell that everyone actually cares about their patients. The office is clean and runs on time which is amazing. Thank you Diana, Pamela, Danielle and the rest of the crew.
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