Does your toothache mean you need a root canal?


Toothaches can vary from a mild, throbbing ache, to sharp pain that occurs when you bite, to dental sensitivity, to an intense, unyielding ache that may keep you up at night. Sometimes a patient needs only to floss to relieve pain; in other situations, root canal therapy (RCT) with Dr. Novick is the only option besides extraction.

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Types of Toothaches

woman has toothacheVarious types of tooth pain can indicate different potential problems, all of which should be addressed by your restorative dentist. Dr. Novick treats toothaches, urgently if necessary, at Celebrity Dental. Whether your tooth hurts or your child has developed a toothache, we’re here, ready to diagnose and treat the issue, so your family can get back to living life, comfortably and quickly.

Acute sensitivity: Most often, this type of pain is noticeable when consuming something very cold, like ice cream, or very hot, like coffee. The extreme temperatures cause a toothache that may feel as temporarily paralyzing as a “brain freeze.” The symptoms could indicate thin enamel, gum recession, or a cavity, crack, or abscess.

Pain only when you bite: This symptom occurs while chewing or biting, but no other time. Usually, it means that the patient has a cavity, crack, or failed dental restoration.

Stabbing aches, with relief in between: While this sensation can occur when eating or chewing, it may also happen when simply opening your mouth. The key is, the pain does not remain constant. You feel jarring, quick episodes of discomfort, due to a specific stimulus. A cavity, fracture (crack), or abscess can cause stabbing toothaches.

Consistent, throbbing pain: In some cases, the throbbing starts as mild, but without seeing a dentist, it can escalate into a debilitating pain that keeps you from working and sleeping. When a toothache keeps you from normal activities, you’ll need to visit Dr. Novick immediately. The pain could signal a significant infection or abscess. Without treatment, infection can enter the bloodstream to cause serious complications.

Molar aching: If you’re in your late teens or adulthood and have never had your wisdom teeth removed, an ache in the back of your mouth could indicate the need for wisdom tooth extraction. Sometimes these large teeth ache when erupting; other times they become impacted, or stuck beneath the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant pain and may become infected.

Symptoms That Indicate You May Need Root Canal Therapy

A root canal procedure is necessary when a tooth develops infection inside its core. This usually results from a cavity or crack that hasn’t been treated early, so damage has progressed through the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth.

You may need a root canal if you experience:

  • Pain when chewing, biting, or otherwise applying pressure to the tooth
  • Pain after encountering extreme temperatures, as with ice or hot coffee; the pain continues after the cause is removed
  • Swollen, tender gums around the tooth
  • A small pimple-looking bump on gum tissue near the tooth
  • Darkening or other discoloration of the tooth

Without treatment, toothaches lead to more advanced problems, which come with a higher cost of treatment, in almost all cases. So, if you experience tooth pain, call to schedule an appointment with the dentist. Don’t postpone making an appointment.

Emergencies Welcome

At Celebrity Dental, Dr. Novick is pleased to treat emergency dental cases. So that you’re ready should a dental emergency arise, program our number into your phone now, under “emergency dentist.” You can also call our Franklin Square, NY dental office at 516-481-1446 to schedule your appointment.

02:36 18 Dec 17
Dr Novick and the Celebrity Dental Team Is Awesome! Hands down the best dentist our family has ever gone to! His staff is awesome and there is never a wait when you visit! Dr Novick is also awesome with my 2 kids (7 and 12) and even got them to brush twice a day! Over 10 years strong and my teeth have never been better! - Thanks Guys!!!
renee Nero
renee Nero
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I always hated going to the dentist and would skip years at a time but once I started going to Dr Novick that hatred faded off. It may sound corny but Dr Novick gave me my smile. I trust his opinion and take his advice on what he recommendeds for my oral health. His staff is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.
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Lenore Weingarten
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The staff in this office is AMAZING. Dr. Novick is a fantastic dentist. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs a dentist.
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Sheryl Kushnick-Carr
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Dr. Novick and his Staff are fantastic!! I've been going there for over 12 years, and now bring my elderly parents to Celebrity Dental as well. Dr. Novick is beyond gentle, explains everything, doesn't double book.... Can't recommend them enough!!!
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Dr. Novick goes the extra mile to ensure I have the best possible outcome. Because of this my teeth are in great shape. His hygienist who did my teeth cleaning has the same great attitude.
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